Claire Morales began performing when she was 13 years old, playing acoustic gigs at local coffee shops every chance she could. The shows typically paid in cookies and consisted of a lot of old folky covers. After singing in other acts throughout her teen years, she went on to form her own band in 2014, moving from acoustic to electric and adding drums, bass, and lead guitar.

February of 2015 saw the release of Claire's debut album Amaranthine. The record is a collection of dreamy, hazy rock songs centered around childhood, nostalgia, and coming of age. The LP garnered the attention of local publications and blogs (see press) and became a calling card for the various festivals and out of town shows the band took part in (including 35 Denton, Norman Music FestivalOaktopia, and Wildflower Music Fest).

In early 2015, Claire began a collaborative covers project with various musician pals, including: Jena Pyle (Layer Cake / Sundae Crush), Ariel Hartley (Pearl Earl), Rachel Gollay (Gollay) and Dalton Kane (BasheChinaski, the Fury). The project explores a variety of her musical influences from the 60s, featuring songs from muses such as Leonard Cohen, Nancy Sinatra, Patsy Cline, and the Everly Bros. The covers are a fun, quick way to work together with local musicians, get inspired, and stay busy between releases.  

In October of 2015, Morales wrote, recorded, and released Harmony in Hell with Daniel Markham. The LP is halloween themed, sparse, and spontaneous. Beginning with the wild thought of making an album in a month, the duo worked fast to write and record all of the songs together, working late nights and setting up camp in a friend's pool house to get the job done. The result was something raw, lovely, and unexpected. They loved doing it so much that they made another album entitled  Neighborhood Creeps in October of 2016.

Since then, Claire has been writing a collection of original material with Jena Pyle. The two are working between Denton and Seattle, tracking a 5 song EP due to release in late 2016. It's inspired by sad girl music from greats of heartache (think Vashti Bunyan, Sibylle Baier, and Laura Marling).  

Claire Morales is currently recording her second full length album with the band at The Echo Lab with plans to release it in mid 2017. The band will also be playing an official showcase at South by Southwest this year!

Highlights of 2016:
- Opening for some rad touring bands, including: Courtney Marie Andrews, La Sera, Springtime Carnivore, and Flock of Dimes (solo project for Jenn of Wye Oak).
- Playing 35 Denton on Saturday night to a big excited crowd.
- Writing, recording and releasing Neighborhood Creeps with Daniel Markham in the month of October.
- Tracking our second full length album with Matt Pence at the Echo Lab. 

meet the band


  • Ryan has played bass in a few dozen bands including: Baptist Generals, Dust Congress, Bludded Head, and Warren Jackson Hearne. When he's not music-ing, he's serving up the best Chinese food in town at Mr. Chopsticks.

  • Russ is a metal worker. He received an art degree at UNT which he puts to good use. His pickup truck is often filled with the giant metal statues he's created. Russ also enjoys metal music, fittingly enough. 

  • Alex  is an engineer at Mockingbird Sound Recording Studio. He records and mixes the band's demos before the final tracking process. He also proofreads books about penguins for his job.

Ryan Williams (bass), Russ Connell (drums), and Alex Hastings (lead Guitar) are rad musicians and awesome people.

Though this project is billed under Claire's name, the band is what truly gives the songs life. Each member contributes in arranging and fleshing out the songs once they are written. They are all incredibly giving with their time, practicing together every Sunday, taking time off work to record, going out on the road together, and making it all fun.